• Disabled Assistance
    Used in WC with cord
    Designed for disabled people to use in toilets.
    The system consists of an alarm reveiver
    and alarm transmitter with a cord.
    Alarm transmitter has a red cord,
    the user could pull the cord to call people
    on the receiver side.
  • Natural & LPG
    Gas Detector

    EDS Detectors protect from natural &
    LPG gas with its reilable sensors.
  • Customized Design
    EDS offers customized products,
    if you would like to design your unique sounder
    with a wide range of color selection
    please contact us.
  • Environmental
    Monitoring Solutions
    Designed to detect temperature, pressure,
    humidity, noise and voltage & frequency changes.
    GSM, Wireless and Wired models are available.
    Used in wide range of applications and markets
    such as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial,
    commercial and many more.
    EDS Power supplies designed to perform
    efficiently in a wide range of applications
    such as CCTV, Intrusion and Fire alarm
    There are 12V, 13.6V, 24V and 27.2V power
    supply options avaliable.
    Compatible with all EDS and 3rd party systems.
  • Addressable
    Toxic and Flammable
    Gas Detection Systems
    The addressable gas detection system is designed to
    detect toxic and flammable gases in car parks and tunnels.
    The system is essential to control the ventilation system in
    car parks and tunnels.
  • New Era on Conventional
    Fire Detection Detectors
    Smart Optical Smoke Detector
    Smart Algorithm with Microprocessor
    360 visible double LED indicator
    Operation / Alarm / Fault LED indicator
    Impurity compensation / Optical detection / Clearable optical cell
    Gives notification when remove from base
    Locked reset / Lockable Base / EN54-7 Approved
  • EDS Becomes
    Approved R&D Center
    EDS approved R&D Center by the Ministry of Science,
    Industry and Technology (MoST) in the Turkey.
    We continue our R&D center activities in order to
    develop technologies in the field of security solutions,
    wireless solutions, internet of things, and power electronics.
  • Disabled Assistance
    with Push Button
    Disabled assistance systems is designed
    for the elderly, disabled and people
    who need help in public areas.
    The systems are used in hotels, banks,
    shopping malls, nursing homes,
    care centres, shops, offices and many more.
  • Affordable and Reliable
    Manual Call Point
    Innovatively designed for verification in case
    of fire and emergency by pushing button to
    activate the audible warning.
  • Heat Detector
    BSI EN 54-5 certificated EDS heat detector
    fits in every environment with its compact
    and elegant design.

Protection Technologies


EDS uniquely distributes world's leader security electronics brands in Turkey. We supply wide range of products in CCTV, Fire&Intrusion Detection, power supply and much more.