About Us

EDS Elektronik Destek Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. founded in February 1990 to provide manufacturing and engineering services to companies in the field of electronics. EDS product line consists of CCTV Systems, Control Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control Systems, Automation Systems, Environmental Monitoring Systems, and Power Electronics. In these activity fields, it is engaged in R&D, Production, Import, Export, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, After-Sales and Technical Services. Having developed various projects, EDS entered into security industry in 1991 and started working as Anatolian Side Subcontractor for Aselsan. EDS manufactured its first alarm panel in 1992. Within the same year, EDS started to design control panels used in the central alarm system of Aselsan. At the same year, EDS started to export alarm panels and distribute products to the Turkish market.

EDS have provided security services to more than 1000 facilities such as banks, jewelry stores, and exchange offices.

As a 100% domestic company, EDS exports to more than 35 countries with a history of 30 years; nearly 60 employees, more than 15 engineers, and a modern production facility established on an area of 5000 m2 in İstanbul, Turkey with approved R&D Center. EDS transforms the experience it obtained through years into investment and innovation within the company. EDS owns many patents and fosters innovation and originality within the company.

EDS products are used in many industries and included in many projects. EDS provides impressive and economical solutions to small-scale enterprises to large-scale enterprises like banks, airports, military, private institutions/enterprises, telecommunication, transportation, medical, etc.

EDS trademarked brands are Neptune, eSense, Janus and PowerAll. 

EDS is the exclusive distributor of world’s leading companies including Hanwha Vision, Carrier Fire & Security, Kilsen, Texecom, Detector Testers Flir, AIN, Paxton, Elmdene, Phihong, Klaxon, eLock, Supra, CQR and many more.

Our Mission

A secure life is the greatest, irreplaceable need for humans. Our company produces in national and international standards thus providing high quality and affordable intrusion alarm systems, fire detection systems, cctv systems, hazardous and toxic gas detection systems, direct current power sources, and environmental monitoring systems, and many more products that everyone desires for a safe life.

Our Vision

To be an innovative, rational, leading organisation that produces technology in Turkey and in the world in the Electronic Security Sector.

1997 - 1999

First domestic phone caller was manufactured. Moreover, Turkey’s first plastic indoor sounder mass production begin.

1993 - 1996

Developed for hospitals, first encrypted door lock for areas requiring security was manufactured.


Our first alarm panel for Aselsan and first plastic sounder in the Turkey with exlusive loudspeaker was manufactured.


EDS was founded in February 1990 to provide production and engineering services to companies in the field of electronics.


With ERP project, all work processes are more efficiently managed thus customer satisfaction was maximized.


SMD and Soldering machine was procured, lead-free mass production started.


EDS moved to its own production plant in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.


In 2000, free zone company Destek was established for re-export operations.


LPG Gas Detection System


Addressable Fire System; Addressable fire series Volcano


Biki; Brand Registered Project developed by R&D team.


SK120 Standalone Keypad; Registered Design Product Launched


JANUS Wireless Alarm System Wireless alarm system that can be controlled via mobile application with touch screen and modern design


POWERALL EN54-4 1 Output 27.2 V DC Power Supply


 TEYDEB PROJECT Development of a remote access Smart Gas Sensor System for the manufacturing industry has started.


EDS approved R&D Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoST) in the Turkey. We continue our R&D center activities in order to develop technologies in the field of security solitions, wireless solitions, internet of things and power electronics.


First addressable gas detection system, complying with EN-50545-1 standard is manufactured in Turkey. Gas detection systems are essential to control ventilation systems to protect people in car parks and tunnels. It calculates ppm values of carbonmonoxide, nitrogenoxide, nitrojendioxide. 

2016 -2017

Heat Detector, Manual Call Point, indoor and outdoor sounders received EN 54 approval.
By 2016, EDS Products have been exported to more than 35 countries.


Within the scope of work safety, special audible warning product was designed.

2013 - 2014

Optical fire detectors recieved EN54-7 Approval from LPCB.

Moreover, our gas detector recieved TS EN50194-1 approval.

2010 - 2012

Famous sculptorer Reyhan Çezik, design fire panels for EDS and it was manufactured in our plants.

In the position of Internet of things new product series called Esense launched.

Quality Approach

Our experienced team operates together with our partners by following the business model below,

• Production that continuously monitored and controlled by engineers
• Offering patented products
• Exclusive label production
• Technical support, prompt and accurate solutions
• Transportation management, on-time delivery with high efficiency

EDS has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997.

In addition to Turkish customers in various Middle Eastern and European countries, as well as in Saudi Arabia and Turkic republics also use EDS products. Regarding our customer`s country policies, EDS have been obtained quality certificates.

Our detectors have LPCB certificate compliance with the standard EN 54-7. When installing a fire alarm system it is important to ensure that the system meets all the necessary requirements, thus providing safe and reliable fire detection. Having the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) certification allows installers and end-users to ensure that the product will work as required and enables manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate the quality of their products.

EDS natural gas detectors have approved by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and IGDAŞ. Natural gas is lighter than air and odorless gas. Therefore, there is a risk for leakage. Our detectors are designed to detect gas leakage, and to give alarm with high levels of sound and LED according to the TS EN 50194-1 standard.TSE has a major responsibility to watch technological developments and changes in international standards, develop standards for Turkey with assistance from independent experts, to provide guidelines Turkish companies, and to increase awareness for consumer rights. Products whose compliance with TSE regulation is verified may carry the TSE mark with permission from TSE. Conscious consumers and producers are aware of the advantages the TSE mark indicates.

We are proud to announce that the EDS Fire outdoor sounder, indoor sounder, manual call point have recieved BSI certification for EN 54-3 and EN-54-11 respectively.

It is approved by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) with Saso certificate that our products are compatible with the related standards and technical regulation issued by SASO.