LPG detection system, which have 3 zones with 32 detector connections, detects the amount of toxic gas at the environment. It gives instant alarm and saves life with early notification. Correct detection is as important as early detection. Gas control panel has an LCD display that provides control for alarm and fault conditions.

LPG Control Panel

Addressable LPG panel is designed to control LPG gas detectors. It has 1 character LCD, 6 warning LEDs and device status can be observed from these indicators. There is a 24 V DC 7Ah battery on the panel for 4.5A 24VDC power supply power fault situations. There are 1 calibrated 4-20mA input for gas pressure and level sensors and fire panel alarm connection. The device, which is built on 3 zones, have a 24V 500mA zone valve and a siren output for each zone.

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LPG Detector

The addressable LPG detector has been developed to measure the flammable gas in the air continuously. The detector measures LPG gas in the range of 0-100%LEL. The addressable LPG detector is compatible with EGPL3 series panels.

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