Environmental Monitoring Systems

Esense appliance is designed to detect temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and voltage & frequency changes. The system consists of control panel and sensors and used in wide range of applications and markets such as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial and many more. Esense transmits the sensor data with wire or wireless 24/7 to the server. Stored data are avaliable as report thus could be viewed graphically. Please visit https://esense.com.tr/ for web interface.

Environmental Monitoring Panel

Esense environmental monitoring panels are designed to deliver data through ethernet and GPRS network connection. Sensors are connected to modules and data could be viewed from LCD screen and online. There are three models which are wireless, wired and GSM. These panels could be selected depending on the application type.

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Environmental Monitoring Sensor

Esense sensor are connected to modules. Product range consists of temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and voltage & frequency sensor. Esense sensors compact design ensures system to fit in every environment such as supermarkets, libraries, museums, warehouses, server rooms, commercial kitchens and many more.

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Environmental Monitoring Access Module

Access modules are connected to the enviromental monitoring panels to establish external connection between detectors and panels.

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Modbus - Cloud Gateway

EGW Cloud Gateway devices enable near real-time smart communications between Cloud or Internet-based applications and small, medium and large scale machinery or data-acquisition systems which are controlled by PLCs or micro-controller/processor based controllers featuring MODBUS RTU or TCP communication protocol.

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