Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

EDS Fire alarm systems are designed to perform accurately with offering a broad range of products and systems for various applications and markets. Our system aims to protect households, office buildings, banks, universities, warehouses, retail stores and many more facilities.


EDS Sounders are designed to give visual and audible warning in case of fire. Our fire outdoor and indoor sounders have EN 54 approvals from BSI. Our life saver sounders protects you from fire with early warning. 

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EDS Detectors protects home and business from the fire with detecting heat and smoke. The optical smoke detector and heat detector have EN 54-7 and EN 54-5 approval from LPCB and BSI respectively. EDS Detectors fit in every environment with its compact and elegant design. They could be used in households, Office buildings, hotels, banks, retail stores and many more facilities.

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Telephone Dialler

Stores telephone numbers and records voice. Compatible with fire alarm systems.

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Manual Call Point

Innovatively designed for verification in case of fire and emergency by pushing button to activate the audible warning.

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Fire Alarm Panel

EDS Alarm Panels are designed to perform accurately with having a stylish exterior covering. At the moment, our alarm panels are in the certification process. It will be in the market very soon to meet with its customers.

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