Wireless Alarm Control Panel 4G

Wireless Alarm Control Panel 4G
IP & 4G Connection 32 wireless devices can be connected
Touch and voice guided interface
Status LEDs for ready/alarm/fault
Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarm, Disable, Zone Arm, Chime, Medical, Fire call buttons are available
868 MHz wireless communication
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connection
Cover and base tamper protection
Reset button
Tamper, low battery, communication fault, alarm conditions from the devices can be viewed from the panel and can be monitored remotely
The historical data could be listened on the control panel
iOS and Android mobile application
Alarm receiving center connection / SIA Contact ID Protocol
Key-fob for remote control
Connected with 9V DC Voltage adapter
Rechargeable backup battery
It continues to work with battery in case of power failure
Designed for use in indoor