Wireless Intrusion Detection

Fully wireless Janus intrusion alarm systems are designed to perform accurately with offering broad range of products such as wireless alarm panel, wireless motion PIR detector, wireless magnetic contact, wireless outdoor sounder and keyfob. The system designed to be used in various environments such as households, offices, banks and many more. It operates in 868MHz frequency. It is easy to install with automatic learning mode. The system has voice-guided user interface, mobile application and web interface. The system has connection between alarm receiving center and operates with SIA Contact ID Protocol. Janus products are comply with EN 50131 Grade 2. 

Alarm Control Panel

Janus alarm panel is one of the advanced systems in the market which protects and ensures security. It is the brain of the system and could be connected to the alarm monitoring system. It has 32 Zones and 32 detectors connected to the panel. the panel has a voice-guided user interface, web Interface, Android and iOS Mobile App. It has WiFi 802.11n/g and operates in 868MHz frequency. Panel operating voltage is 12V with back-up battery which ensures protection in case of electrical breakouts. 

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Fully wireless motion PIR detector detects motion in the environment. It is mounted to the wall. Motion PIR detector sends a signal to wireless alarm panel if unauthorized access is detected in the environment. Motion PIR detector has tamper for wall and cover for additional security. 

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Outdoor Sounder

The wireless outdoor sounder is designed to give visual and audible alarm in case of intrusion detected in the system. It is mounted outside of the protected area. Outdoor sounder sends/receives signal to wireless alarm panel if alarm and fault condition occurs. Outdoor sounder has tamper for wall and cover for additional security.

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The wireless keyfob is designed to arm away, arm stay and disarm the system remotely. It is battery powered. 

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