Modbus - Cloud Gateway Device

  • EGW reads or writes live digital or analog data from/to the shop floor and enables the transfer of this data to any determined cloud/ Internet environment.

  • It can be connected to any PLC or Controller which features Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP communication standards.

  • It uses the MQTT communication protocol which is specially designed for M2M communications. Since EGW is an IoT based device, it does not require complex IT settings, only Internet access is sufficient.

  • Once configured it seamlessly can communicate with most common cloud applications and platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, etc. as well as any 3rd party private-cloud systems.

  • It can also work with a local Fog environment where and when required.

  • With the help of the optional GSM communications module add-on, EGW can safely connect to Internet via typical GSM network where there is no Ethernet network is available.

  • With its small foot-printed dimensions and DIN rail mounted enclosure, it can be easily mounted inside a control panel.